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Mar-21-2023 - Server Update 03/21/2023
WORLD 2: All Players XP Rates Have Been Set To x1(Use ::xprate In-Game To Change This)

Server Updates:
* Updated Shantay Pass Boundary
* fixed xp to level up
* Added crate tomato shop
* fixed longsword attack anim
* Update
* fix dagger/longsword/shortsword anims
* obby maul and warhammer interfaces and halberd anims
* Pickaxe anims randomly uses the anim for either stab str or crush str. Cheaphax before system redesign
* adds razmires builder shop
* Removed Oracle JRE dependency for sound effects
* Fixed Some Full Helms, Masks & Leather Cowl
* Fixed Fridgeir and Styrmir Moving Around
* Fixed Variable EXP Rates For World 2
* Fix Some NPC's Turning When Clicked That Shouldn't
* Updated Lummy Cow Penn Spawns
* Updated Some Shops
* Fixed Some Text errors
* Fixed Firemaking Fire time
* Updated the spawns on white wolf mountain
* Fixed being allowed to firemake where dwarves won't be happy
* Fixed Player Inv Weight Calculation In a bunch of situations
* Added back ::stuck (but made it log to a discord channel with player name & stuck x/y to prevent abuse)
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