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Recent News
Mar-21-2023Server Update 03/21/2023
WORLD 2: All Players XP Rates Have Been Set To x1(Use ::xprate In-Game To Change This)

Server Updates:
* Updated Shantay Pass. . .
Feb-06-2023Server Update 2/05/2023
Attention all players! We have some exciting updates to share with you regarding our game server. We have implemented new functionality where users. . .
Jan-20-2023Server Update 01/20/2023
Server Updates:
* Tree spirit during lost city has been nerfed and will no longer constantly hit 20's on you.
* Fixed issue with. . .
Jan-27-2022Server Update 01/27/2022
Server Changes:
* Fixed Right Click Banking For Fadli(Duel Arena Banker)
* Fixed Jad Ranged Attack Animation
* Fixed East. . .
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