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Oct-05-2021 - Server Update 10/05/2021
Server Updates:

Player Shop{
New menu for ::shop command
Player shops now show as combat level 0
fixed when someone else buys items from a shop, should now reload amounts on all players clients.
(all shops, not just player shops)}

Mage Training Arena{
Fixed stairs/door/teleports
Added rewards guardian
Added rewards shop correctly
Lock bones to peaches behind shop
Fully functional Alchemy arena
Implemented the enchanting area
Added the bonus (free) alch to the alch area}

Fully implement Party Room
Fix required level for chopping Dramen tree
Update all the Discord links to be the same as eachother
Fix teleport location for Dareeyak
Allow swamp boaty to work
Ectophial teleport/refill
Ectofuntus more bonemeal types
Allow bedsheets to be worn on head instead of in weapon slot(Need to add player morphing)
Can now craft bolt tips from cut opals/pearls
Fixed some stairs

Client Updates:

Process client arguments/Auto login{
1st argument = server IP (-s/-server/-ip)
2nd argument = username (-u/-user/-username)
3rd argument = password (-p/-pass/-password)}

Option to show player names above their heads
Show player shops as blue icons on minimap
Show player shops as (shop)
Show text above ground items if above specified value
Update debug menu info
Add basic experience tracker
Add zooming
Add draw distance setting
Add item/npc/object searching (with ::search command)
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