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Jan-20-2023 - Server Update 01/20/2023
Server Updates:
* Tree spirit during lost city has been nerfed and will no longer constantly hit 20's on you.
* Fixed issue with cooking Sea Turtles, also fixed experience received when cooking Manta Rays.
* Drop table no longer rolls multiple times, it will only roll once, unless npc has a 100% drop item, in that case it will roll the drop item and then roll once. (Might need to look at this depending on other monsters which could require multiple drops).
* Fixed Al Kharid Warrior emote
* Nerfed Abyssal Demon max hit (from 16 to 8)
* Added Shield Blocking Emote For Guard & Al-Kharid Warrior
* Fixed KARAMBWAN HP Restore Amount
* Added Link Command To Discord Bot

Bot-Client Updates:
* Added support for Local Server

Detailed Changelogs:
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