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Recent News
Jan-27-2022Server Update 01/27/2022
Server Changes:
* Fixed Right Click Banking For Fadli(Duel Arena Banker)
* Fixed Jad Ranged Attack Animation
* Fixed East. . .
Jan-07-2022Server Update 01/07/2022
World 2 Launched!
Botting is not allowed on this world.

A second world with user selectable XP rates, Players may choose to. . .
Nov-04-2021Server Update 10/31/2021
Server Updates:
* Fixed Attacking With Staves Equipped But No Runes
* Discord Bot Now Displays Website Link Instead Of Amount Of. . .
Oct-05-2021Server Update 10/05/2021
Server Updates:

Player Shop{
New menu for ::shop command
Player shops now show as combat level 0
fixed when. . .
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